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Affordable Legal Services for Small Businesses


We Understand Small Business

The McPherson Law Firm's trained business attorneys provide legal services to businesses in Johnson County. Whether you need help forming an LLC, drafting or negotiating contracts, protecting yourself as an employer, or any other legal matter, the McPherson Law Firm provides experienced business attorneys who can help you to navigate the law. The McPherson Law Firm believes business attorneys should be complete counselors who help you to make decisions informed with knowledge of business law, and consideration of your ethical standards. If you have a small business in Johnson County, our business attorneys look forward to working with you.

Civil Litigation

At the McPherson Law Firm, we understand that litigation is rarely an enjoyable experience. As business attorneys in Johnson County, we work personally with clients to make it as painless as possible, while providing strong and vigorous representation. Whether you have been sued, are looking to protect your legal rights or interests, or merely have a question about business law, hiring an experienced Johnson County business attorney can help you to achieve the best result possible, whether through litigation or alternative dispute resolution avenues such as mediation or arbitration.

Agreements to Buy or Sell a Company

The McPherson Law Firm helps individuals looking to sell their business (or those looking to buy a business). As business attorneys in Johnson County, Kansas, the McPherson Law Firm and its attorneys and staff work with small business owners to craft either stock purchase agreements, or asset purchase agreements depending on the circumstances and preferences of the party. Our business attorneys take the time to listen to our clients and learn what makes the most sense for their particular situation.


If you are a small business owner facing possible litigation, you may be looking for someone who can help you to come to an agreement without litigation. At the McPherson Law Firm, we are not only available to work as your business attorney, but we also can work as a third party neutral who helps businesses reach an agreement prior to expending huge costs on litigation.

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